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Developing Medical software since 1997

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Cantel Lanka is a leading software provider for the Healthcare industry. We are a BOI company established in 1997. The Company is strengthened by a team of highly skilled, innovative & experienced professionals dedicated to deliver complete and high quality software products. Cantel utilizes the latest technology to offer the most user friendly customized solutions.

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At Cantel Lanka our Mission is to combine the latest technology with the most skilled, creative and experienced team in designing, creating and delivering software solutions that will benefit humanity in a global scale.

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The methodology used in the software production at Cantel Lanka is a combination of Scrum and Kanban. Features are planned for development and subsequent release based on the backlog and the estimation to reach the next Sprint date. Nevertheless, certain features can be pulled into production based solely on customer demand.

User needs are identified through research, user requests and one-on-one discussions with super users and end users. The needs are studied and formalized for to be made ready for converting into requirements.

Needs are documented and converted into business requirements. The business requirements are further elaborated using user requirements, technical requirements and screen prototypes. This is done using Top Team Analyst.

Tasks are created for production per product, based on requirements and distributed amongst developers. Estimated production time and the planned release version is specified. These tasks are generated, distributed and managed using Atlassian JIRA.

Based on the requirements, developers begin coding to create the feature that will run on the Client.

The coding is done in JAVA using IntelliJ IDEA as the development environment to maximize developer productivity.

Based on the requirements Web developers begin coding to create the feature that will run on the Web.

This is done using the following technologies; ANGULARJS, HTML5, TYPESCRIPT, SASS, IONIC & JQUERY etc.

The code is committed to the planned release version. This is done using Apache Subversion (SVN) which enables to easily merge changes.

The feature is tested using both manual and automated testing & unit testing. Functional regression tests and system tests of the user interface is automated using SQUISH. Unit tests are executed using the Junit framework through JENKINS..

User manuals are created and published in HTML Help format using HelpnDoc and as PDF. It is also integrated into the system as a dynamic help option for the user. Video tutorials are created using Camtasia Studio and shared with the users.

The feature is integrated to the new version.

The version is then built using TeamCity in order to adequately manage the build.

The new version that includes the feature is delivered.

Know our team

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Jan Verhulst

Chief Architect / Chief information officer / Chief technology officer / Director

My daily challenge is to understand the need of a user in order to build a software solution that perfectly satisfies that need.

Dries Vanbiervliet

Chief executive officer

Driven by creativity to create a world class company, my task is to streamline all processes leading towards this result.

Sudarshana Gurusinghe

Head Of Development

Maintaining a highly motivated team that is required to deliver features on demand using the latest, stable and most appropriate technologies available in the market, while adhering to the best practices and organizational standards is hard work. Nevertheless I enjoy it, as I see it as a challenge that advances capacities and creates opportunities.

Chinthani Dissanayake

Quality Assurance Manager

Quality of the product is the key to satisfy users. My mission is to deliver product features with expected quality, while building talented, motivated quality assurance engineering team who ensure product quality which leads to happy users.

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